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On demand skills training in virtual reality that delivers with real world results.

Introducing HeatSmash™ –  the first complete virtual reality training system, customized for your business, that not only ramps up the performance of your new hires but makes learning new skills & procedures…fun!

When asked – new hires stress skill acquisition and team integration as being front of mind and the biggest source of stress when acclimating to a new job or position.

Team managers & business owners describe poor skill transcription, that requires additional re-training, creating a lack of enthusiasm, as leading factors in high turn over rates. Resulting in more new hires requiring more ineffective training.  Also referred to as “the churn”…also wasn’t there something about a definition of insanity thing…about doing the same thing again…and again…and again…and expecting different results.

One of the problems with trying to teach new skills using old world training techniques begins with the name itself – “training” – nobody wants to be “trained”. Things like a leash or ball and chain come to mind…Most of us simply want to get on with it and learn how to do what the new job requires as safely and quickly as possible.

HeatSmash™ is a platform for creating applications that teach skills to staff in virtual reality via a rugged, self contained & inexpensive headset.

Customizable Skill Trees

Break up complex training modules into easy to digest chunks that make it easy for managers and employees to track progress, set personal and team goals, and watch your completion rates grow.

Improved Placement

Quickly zero in on strengths and identify areas of improvement to better place new hires in positions they can excel at quickly. Turning new hires into happy hires!

Reward System

Create competitive performance based & time trial events between employees, teams, shifts and even locations! All while encouraging repetition, building self confidence, strengthening team bonds and rewarding fidelity.

Learn At Home

For the first time ever – on the job training delivered in 30 minutes or less! Employees can safely check out headsets and practice in the comfort & privacy of their own homes.

Flexible & Expandable

Existing courses can be edited and new modules distributed to your locations as required.


I need to place some text about multi language support here.

Reduce Costs

How much inventory is lost teaching skills? Employees can now practice technique and process without expending stock.

On Demand Service

No complicated contracts – pay only for what you require.  Add more headsets, hardware, skill lessons and more as needed. 

Ready to Turn your B-Team into another A-Team?

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