Is VR a Failure? The 2019 State of XR

This article is a “State of VR” article asking “Is VR a Failure?” – with a twist, almost all of these types of articles are focused on the general public and video gaming culture. And they compare against the penetration of the embedded video game console market. But AR/VR/XR is growing successfully in other industries and that is what the focus is for this article.

In conclusion: VR is a success! In fact it’s adoption rate is out stripping any other tool or medium in history.

The state of VR article always circles around gaming. They should be more inclusive of all areas of VR:

  • Safety Training 
  • Communications
  • Education
  • Job Training

Why VR/AR/XR is not going to fail.

The reason technology in general is winning is that it help make our lives better. The internet, mobile devices, GPS Map services, and virtual assistants; these are now an extension of our lives. In most cases people can’t live without them.

Now that we are 3 years in how do we know if VR and AR will not fail? The easiest way to answer this question is to look at what has been invested into the technology so far.

  • Take the personal computer for example, it took it 4 years before it sold over a million units but VR did it in it’s first year.
  • Who has a stake in it? Apple, Google, Microsoft, Sony, Facebook, HTC, HP, Dell and Lenovo just to name a few
  • What industries will benefit? Communication, education, manufacturing, safety, healthcare and entertainment
  • How much money has been put into their development? $20-$30 billion so far and growing

What can we conclude from all of this – From the money invested to the players in the space, VR and AR are not going anywhere but up. It is just too big to fail. Are there going to be setbacks and failures, YES but this new industry is easily going to survive. Did the computer industry survive when a computer titan like Wang computers(article below) went under, YES!

As with any developing technology, there will be set backs, but the push to overcome the pitfalls will keep VR moving forward. Did the computer industry completely tank when computer titan Wang computers ( went under? No. It survived, and has more than managed to thrive.

Click here to learn more about the failure of WANG Computers.

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