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Everything you need to successfully deploy virtual reality for business.

Talent Acquisition

Employee Training

Employee Engagement

Virtual Reality (“VR”) is transforming talent acquisition and human resources. This transformation has been accelerated due to these challenging times.


Virtual “On-Site” Interviews

Presentation of interviewee projects, challenges, case studies

Team Hang-outs

Highlight Company Culture

Training: HR, policies, role specific education, etc

Measurable Return.

Interview / Candidate Pipeline Velocity

Interviewee Satisfaction

Offer Acceptance Rates

Matched Role Perception & Tasks

Increased Onboarding / Ramp-Up Speed

Trusted By Industry Leaders.

Leaders that use VR - Porsche
Leaders that use VR -Exxon
Leaders that use VR -Walmart
Leaders that use VR -Boeing
Leaders that use VR -Tyson Foods
Leaders that use VR -DHL
Leaders that use VR -Ford
Leaders that use VR -Target


 Skills Training for New Hires.

When asked – new hires stress skill acquisition and team integration as being front of mind and the biggest source of stress when acclimating to a new job or position.

Looking Glass helps companies provide more effective training with the  first complete virtual reality training system, customized for your business, that not only ramps up the performance of your new hires but makes learning new skills & procedures fun!


Easily Manage Multiple Users from One Command Center.

Manage multiple users in virtual reality. Launch content, monitor and communicate. A professional solution for Instructors, Teachers and LBE Operators. Anyone who needs to get more than one person in a headset.

VR Storage & Charging Solutions

Introducing the World’s First Family of Virtual Reality Storage Solutions for Schools, Public Attractions, Museums, Tourism…

Looking Glass leads the way in innovative storage solutions for organizations that manage multiple headsets in a commercial or educational environment.

Why Choose Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality has captured the imagination for a long time – and it is finally delivering...

Today’s VR set-ups are capable, immersive, comfortable and incredibly affordable. There has never been a better time to jump in and experience cyberspace!

Virtual Reality can be a better way to learn...

People that train in VR learn faster, make fewer mistakes, and retain far more than with comparable video or traditional training. With VR, learning is natural and applicable to real-world situations. 

“Looking Glass did a great job for us and we look forward to using them on many more projects! I highly recommend them.”
Linville Partners Team

“Looking Glass was professional and a great resource for our business. The scans look great and will help us greatly for years to come.”
Winston-Salem Dash

My sellers were thrilled with the technology and it saved them money when it came to moving.”

Keller WIlliams

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