RealityPort™ – easily manage multiple users in virtual reality.

Manage multiple users in virtual reality. Launch content, monitor and communicate. A professional solution for Instructors, Teachers and LBE Operators. Anyone who needs to get more than one person in a headset.

Launch and Control Content for Groups

  • Check In/Out Users
  • Communicate via headset to individuals or entire group
  • User station management
  • Device/Time Management
Launch and Control VR Content for Groups

Intuitive User Portal

Users can easily navigate your virtual reality experiences through your customized RealityPort™ User Portal.

  • Users can launch/exit applications from within their headsets
  • Users can call for assistance and get help from staff
  • Messages/Alerts can be posted on the Portal for the user
Users can launch/exit applications from within their headsets.

We help make it easy to use VR in your classroom

Now your organization successfully deploy and use virtual reality in a classroom effectively and confidently. At Looking Glass Services, Inc., we combine VR content, device & time management tools with our unique VR Storage Solutions and back it up with our service and support, to make it easy for educational institutions to use virtual reality.

VR Curriculum

Deliver exceptional Experiences to large audiences easily.

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